Air-dry Modelling Play clay 100 g, pink

Ref: 9154134 EAN: 8411574088295
Coloured air-dry modelling clay, no baking needed. Pink colour. Bag with hermetic closure and step by step instructions to create a figure. Contains 100g of product. Easy to mould: it is recommended to gently knead it before starting, to give it more elasticity. Creation of figures from basic shapes. Allows you to join parts easily, without leaving joints. It is recommended to work on a flat, non porous surface. For relief and texture work or joining the parts, modelling tools can be used. Easily mixable colours to get different ones. Approximate drying time: 5 days (depending on thickness and climatic conditions). Once opened it is recommended to keep refrigerated in hermetic packaging or bag. Ingredients of vegetal origin (contains gluten).
Sold in multiples of: 2 units
Sales format: 165 x 100 x 20 mm 0,11 kg
 12u 240 x 175 x 95 mm 1,40 kg Inner carton
 72u 360 x 260 x 305 mm 8,80 kg Outer carton
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