Box of 10 MAXI Magic fibrepens

Ref: 80023 EAN: 8411574800231
8 coloured fibrepens and 2 MAXI Magic fibrepens. The colour changes with a stroke of the magic fibrepen! Colour in your drawing with these fibrepens, wait 5 seconds and then use the magical revealing pen to see how the colours transform. You canalsowrite secret messages using the magical revealing pen and then paint over them using the coloured fibrepens.MAXI fibrepen with a 7.5 mm Ø conical tip. Can be used to create strokes from 1 mm to 3.25 mm. The MAXI size is perfect for children.Sturdy,pressure-resistant tip. Water-based paint. It can be easily washed out ofmost fabrics (soak the item in cold water for an hour and then machine-wash on a cold setting). With a perforated safety cap.
Sold in multiples of: 12 units
Sales format: 170 x 156 x 17 mm 0,15 kg
 12u 156 x 276 x 100 mm 1,75 kg Inner carton
 72u 490 x 295 x 232 mm 11,20 kg Outer carton
Slava Yurthev Copyright