Box of 30 triangular Plastipastel (contains 3 fluo colours and 2 metal c olours)

Ref: 022T30 EAN: 8411574088820
25 Plastipastel colour pencils of basic colours, 2 metallic colours and3 fluo colours. Triangular shape. New formula: smoother and more covering stroke. Plastipastel pencils are colour pencils, clean and resistant,ideal for young children. Theirtriangular design with rounded edges means that they fit perfectly into the hands of school children and prevent the pencils from rolling across work surfaces. 3 differents strokes: fine lines can be drawn using the tip of the pencil, thick lines can bedrawn using the end part andlarger areas can be shaded using the entire length of the pencil
Sales format: 180 x 320 x 10 mm 0,22 kg
 6u 325 x 190 x 90 mm 1,50 kg Inner carton
 24u 395 x 345 x 205 mm 6,50 kg Outer carton
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