Blister pack 4 triangular graphite pencils+synthetic rubber eraser 430

Ref: BYM10344 EAN: 8411574060192
"Includes: 2 triangular HB graphite pencils; 1 triangular B graphite pencil, 1 triangular 2Bgraphite pencil. 430 eraser: soft synthetic rubber square eraser. Erases a wide range of graphite pencil marks from any type of paper."
Sold in multiples of: 25 units
Sales format: 210 x 82 x 22 mm 0,05 kg
 25u 285 x 260 x 150 mm 1,30 kg Outer carton
  • H graphite H graphite
  • Hb graphite Hb graphite
  • 2b graphite 2b graphite
  • L.p.s. L.p.s.
  • Triangular shape Triangular shape
  • Wood from sustainable plantations Wood from sustainable plantations
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