International Presence

MILAN markets and distributes more than 5000 products and accessories for use in schools, Fine Arts, offices and stationery suppliers, in more than 120 countries across the entire world. A long trajectory which began in the 1950s with the export of the company's first erasers. Since then, MILAN has increased its international presence every year.

In 2005 the MILAN POLSKA subsidiary was created as a result of the strong potential for growth in that region, thus establishing in Poland a strategic point of operation for all of Eastern Europe.

Main headquarters
Factis S.A.

Barri Morena, 4
17253 Mont-ras (Girona)
Tel. +34 972 30 32 00
Fax +34 972 30 41 32


UL. Okrężna 8
05-090 Raszyn
Tel./fax.: (22) 715 64 52

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