The ‘20s

1918, the soft eraser for pencil was born

Was manufactured using synthetic rubber and is still being sold today. It was an immediate success; erasers became popular and MILAN became synonymous with “eraser”.

The ‘40s

Our own machinery

In the full swing of industrial development, the factory was modernised by creating our own specific machinery.


The ‘50s

Shipping exports

Erasers are sold in Chile, Colombia and Venezuela.

The ‘60s

Nata 624

The first plastic resin-based eraser wrapped in pink cellophane.

Automatic machinery

The first automatic machines were developed right in the workshop, thus increasing production capacity and helping to cope with the increasing demand for erasers.

The ‘80s

5020 extra soft

The first extra soft plastic eraser was created. With a high absorption capacity, it rubs out without leaving a trace.

The ‘90s


MILAN erasers start being sold all over the world and the erasers range gets bigger.


MILAN pencil case

Launch of the first pencil case. It is a great success amongst children and young people.


MILAN Calculators

Developed in collaboration with the University of Girona’s (UdG) Department of Computer Architecture & Technology.



Children’s scissors with a rounded tip made out of stainless steel.


The innovative combination of an eraser with a pencil sharpener.


Electric eraser

For erasing lines and squiggles more easily and precisely. Aimed at professionals in design, architecture and fines arts.

Pencil sharpener

The pencil sharpener was created in different styles – with and without shavings containers.


P1 Pens

A new line of innovative and functional pens.



Coloured pencils arrive in an innovative case: Flexibox.


Eraser & Pencil

A new generation of mechanical pencils with a large eraser.



Light and ergonomic ceramic blade cutter.



Notebook with sewn binding that can be opened out flat.


Compact correction tape

With a unique design suitable for the left-handed.


Capsule Ballpen

The pen line becomes bigger with the CAPSULE design



Backpacks with unique designs. Matching pencil cases and folders.

International presence

MILAN products are sold in more than 120 countries.

Ergo Grip

A new generation of pencils is born with a unique shape patented by MILAN.

100 years

Creativity and innovation since 1918 with the creation of the first erasers.


Sway Combi Duo

Two pens in one: the revolution of interchangeable two-color ballpoint pens.


Isothermal food bags & lunch boxes

A new format to complete pencil cases and backpack sets, ready to keep your meal. Food containers inspired on the iconic 430 eraser shape and colours, BPA free.

Sway Fineliner 4.0

A superfine tip fibrepen with metallic base. Suitable for draw, paint or write.


Soft Dough

Soft consistent and elastic dough, easy to mould.
Ingredients of vegetal origin.

Modelling Play

Coloured air-dry modelling clay, no baking needed.
Ingredients of vegetal origin.


Isothermal bottle with double layer of stainless steel to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside.


Todocolor & Todographite

Woodless pencils, 100% water soluble lead.

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