Box 12 water soluble colour pencils with paintbrush

Ref: 0742312 EAN: 8411574028741
12 watercolour pencils. Lead measures 2.9 mm Ø. Ergonomic triangular shape. The use of watercolor pencils combines the versatility of watercolor with the precision of color pencils. They can be used dry or wet or combining both techniques. The lead creates a uniform stroke and is designed with a unique anti-break system, the Lead Protection System (LPS), where the lead is reinforced by being glued to the wood. The wood comes from sustainable plantations. Each colour has its own name. Includes a series 101 school paintbrush.
Sales format: 210 x 90 x 8 mm 0,08 kg
 12u 350 x 90 x 55 mm 0,92 kg Inner carton
 96u 375 x 210 x 235 mm 7,70 kg Outer carton
  • Soft lead Soft lead
  • L.p.s. L.p.s.
  • Colours with its own name Colours with its own name
  • With school paintbrush With school paintbrush
  • Watercolour pencil Watercolour pencil
  • Triangular shape Triangular shape
  • Stimulates creativity in children Stimulates creativity in children
  • Wood from sustainable plantations Wood from sustainable plantations
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