Box 30 soft synthetic rubber erasers 430, squared

Ref: CMM430 EAN: 8414034004309
Soft synthetic rubber square eraser. Can be used to erase a wide range of graphite pencil strokes from all types of paper. The classic MILAN eraser is one of our best sellers. Assorted colours: white, green and pink. Eraser size: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.3 cm. Replacement erasers for any sharpeneraser or eraser&brush in the COMPACT range. Also available with a protective case. MILAN erasers are manufactured in Spain since 1918.
Sales format: 143 x 89 x 28 mm 0,50 kg
 25u 153 x 153 x 458 mm 13,00 kg Outer carton
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